This is important work and makes a massive and very real difference to peoples’ lives. We were really stuck in a distressing situation and we no longer are. Things have improved hugely at home. Of course minor setbacks will probably occur! But the improvement is unambiguous.” -A parent that completed the NVR sessions with Eileen

When a parent feels bullied, manipulated, controlled or threatened by their child, then this is child to parent violence or abuse (CPVA). A parent can be anyone in a carer role including a foster parent, grandparent or other family member. Families can have parents that are married, separated, cohabiting or single.

More information about child to parent violence in Ireland can be found at Here you will find videos, journal articles and presentations from conferences on the topic. There is also information about the Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) programme, which was originally created by Prof. Haim Omer in Israel and adopted with permission by Dr. Declan Coogan in Ireland.

NVR is an evidenced based, solution focus and strength based intervention. It is specifically designed to assist families experiencing child to parent violence or abuse. It is a short-term intervention lasting 8 to 10 sessions.